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Medical Device and Diagnostics

REDCap Cloud enables Medical Device and Diagnostics organizations to comply with the expanded need for safety, quality and real-world evidence as required by EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and Payer Reimbursement policies.


Clinical Registries

REDCap Cloud empowers clinical registries to aggregate real-world EHR Data and ePRO/eCOA by the thousands in a standards based way and mine it to make unbiased and data-driven discoveries on how drugs and devices perform.

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Contract Research Organizations

REDCap Cloud empowers CROs with the flexibility to run any type of study – Proof of Concept, Outcomes, Real World Evidence, Clinical Registries, Early Phase, Phase II, Phase III, Medical device all in a cost effective way.


Integrated Health Systems & Hospitals

Health care reimbursement is moving from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model. Payers now require real world evidence demonstrating quality improvements to justify reimbursement. Capturing real world evidence requires a unified data management approach that supports capturing data from patients, clinicians, care providers, EMR systems, wearable devices, payer systems, claims data and imaging systems. REDCap Cloud’s UNIFIED Data Management platform simplifies the real-world evidence gathering and analysis process and puts you in control of all your data.

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Biopharmaceutical Research

In any type of study, at any clinical stage, REDCap Cloud has product functionality, services, and a relevant business model for biopharmaceutical companies.

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 Academic Research Centers

The mission of Academic Research Centers is to educate, ask questions and understand the mechanisms of health to treat patients more effectively. By empowering Academic Research Centers to aggregate EHR data, claims data, retrospective research data with prospective clinical trial information, REDCap Cloud enables Academic Research Centers to gain the knowledge required to understand disease processes and develop personalized solutions to prevent disease and treat patients.

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REDCap Cloud UNIFIED Data Management Platform

A Unified Data Management Platform that enables sponsors, CROs, investigators, and research teams to collaborate globally.

Our comprehensive SaaS-based Data Management platform integrates eConsent, EDC, eCOA, patient registries, surveys, and outcome tracking capabilities in a single solution. REDCap Cloud technology scales reliably and cost-effectively for research projects of all types and sizes including proof of concept, early phase studies, late phase studies, marketing support studies, surveys and questionnaires, patient registries, and outcomes research.

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